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She’s Finally Here – Maddison Sierra

Well, our little bundle of joy arrived at 7:23 on Friday morning, the 5th of February.  She weighed 6 lbs. 11 oz. and was 21 inches long.  She’s healthy and happy and beautiful.  Well, without further ado, here’s a pic and the link for more pictures of her.

Pictures of Maddison Sierra


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Baby Shower Info

Hey Everyone,
Just  a little info on the baby shower for our expanding family that will be held on Sunday at Fresno City College during the Indoor Quads Tournament.  They’ll be a “Guess The Birthdate and Gender” Contest if anyone wants to toss in $5 to play.  There’ll be a board with a calendar on it and anybody can buy a date and whoever has the date when the baby is born will win a portion of the money raised.  Plus if the winner guesses the correct gender, they’ll receive a bonus that is yet to be determined.  Also, there will be a free chance to win a Target Gift Card.  Just stop by our table and grab a piece of yarn.  The person who cuts it to the length closest to the measurement around the waist and belly of the wonderful mother-to-be, will win the gift card.  So everyone feel free to stop by and say hi to us soon-to-be parents and enjoy a slice of cake.  And if you feel like supporting us and our eventual new addition to the family, you can pick us up a gift or gift card.  Once again we are registered at WalMart and Babies-R-Us.  Thanks again and we’ll see everyone on Sunday for some great volleyball action.

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Baby Mercer 19 weeks

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More Camping Pics!

Ok, so here are some more camping pics.  These are from a couple weeks ago while camping with my wife’s family over Labor day weekend.  Got some pretty cool pics.  We were camping up in Tropic, Utah.  So, here’s some of the panoramic shots again and be sure to check out the Photo Gallery for the rest of the pics.

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Slowly But Surely!

Well, now that I have more time on my hands (not really, but I figure if I keep telling myself that, maybe one day I’ll believe it) and we got a new computer, I figure I can start making updates here and adding all sorts of pics that we’ve been slacking on sharing and maybe a few stories here and there.  So, I’m starting with our most recent trip to Courtright Reservoir for a camping trip with some of our volleyball friends.  Below are some of the panoramic shots I took and check the Photo Gallery for the rest of the pics.

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Romantic Getaway

This year we had a wedding to go to on Valentines day, so my cute husband took me on a romantic getaway the weekend before. This year we went down to the central coast. We went to the beach and to Hearst Castle one day and then we drove back up the coast the second day and hiked to a few places. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to get away for the weekend. Thanks for the surprise Babe!!

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So here’s the long awaited pictures from our trip to Maui. Enjoy!!

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Volleyball Tourney

Yesterday was Matt’s first tourney back since his knee surgery. The night before he was so excited that he was like a little kid on Christmas eve. He couldn’t go to sleep! lol I kicked him out of our room so I could sleep but he kept coming back! LOL jk. We played with Mindy and Justus. We both had a lot of fun and he did an awesome job! He was almost back to playing like he used to. It was almost like he never stopped. He’s such a stud!

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The past year

My husband’s been very busy at work, so I took over our site. lol It’s time to get our friends caught up in our life with what we’ve been up to in the past year. (with what I remember)

Last may my oldest sister had another baby boy, that makes 3 for her now. He’s the cutest little boy full of laughter and smiles!! 


We also went camping with my fam for Memorial Day. We had a blast! There was still some snow up there and the drive was beautiful at dawn with the sun shining on it. Hopefully we’ll make it back again this year.

June and July were full of outdoor volleyball tournies for my husband. He didn’t get to play as much as he would have liked to, but he still enjoyed it! We also went back to Utah for my nephew’s baby blessing. It was great to see the fam again.

August brought good news and bad news….

The good news was that we made it a year!! lol We celebrated out 1 year anniversary…not in the way that I would have liked, but oh well. His family decided they wanted to do a family camping trip that weekend so we were there instead of celebrating alone. It was fun and I guess we’re planning another one this year…but not the first week in August :).

The bad news was that we found out my husband was going to need knee surgery. He tore his meniscus playing volleyball. He was very disappointed that we had to miss out on Vegas this year.  He had the surgery right before Thanksgiving and is back to moving on it now. Hopefully he’ll be able to play again later this month.

September was the best month out of the whole year, and the busiest!! 6 of our family members have their birthdays this month including me. His mom, dad, Lua, Hudson, and my sister Lori. I also got to go back to see my fam again. The best part was going to Maui! We finally got to go on our honeymoon! It was very nice. The weather was great the whole time there and we got to relax and do a lot of fun stuff! I’ll post a page with all the pics soon. It was great to leave the world behind for a whole week!

We had Thanksgiving with his family and mostly just sat around the whole weekend because of his surgery.

December was also a busy month. We moved into a new apartment, and we’re still not unpacked completely. We also spent Christmas with my fam back in  Utah. It was great to get everyone together. We went sleding up on the mountain and my sisters’ and I pulled a Cool Runnings move when we tipped over and my husband drug our heads through the snow. It was a blast!! We also took family pics then too. And then my sister came back with us and we went  to Six Flags for New Years. Well that’s last year in a nutshell. Hope you enjoy!

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Happy Birthday!!

So today is Matt’s birthday.  He’s getting old! a whole 26! Haha just kidding Babe! We celebrated with some of his friends on Saturday since we both have to work today (Thanks for coming Josh, Beth, Justus and Sarah!) and tonight we’re going to dinner with his fam. I just want everyone to know that I’m so lucky to have him in my life! He’s a wonderful husband and my best friend. Thanks so much for everything you do for me Babe. I hope you have a wonderful day and a very Happy Birthday!!

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